Unique Cute Pill Box, Organizers, Reminders for Gifts

This is a cute pill box that stores 3-4 days of medicine. If you are a person who loves backpacking and all you need is a simple emergency kit for unexpected pains and simple mishaps on the road. This is the perfect one for you. It gets a little bit unique though for the more “kawaii” type of people and kids and yes, kids at heart. The cute unique pill box organizer is also good for earrings and other jewelry that need be kept if you need to be outdoors and active.

Cute PillBox Medicine Case


This is a decorative pill box that is perfect for your granny as a gift. A classy pill organizer for the more girly parisienne type of person. This makes quite a unique one as it has a vanity mirror for the conscious ladies out there. This also means that it can not only hold medicines, it can hold lip balm, lip tint or cheek tint for sleek organization without having to bring the bulky containers while on the go.

Victorian Style Fancy Folding Pill Case

7 day pill organizer - unique pill boxThis is a fun one, a cute 7 day pill organizer that secures your pills by having a mechanism that rotates and only dispenses the pills needed to be taken for the specific day. It’s great for travel, or everyday use, very good when it comes to keeping your meds in tact even with the most unorganized bag or drawer.

The design looks like a sliced citrus fruit which wedges are used to somehow divide the pills on a 7 days rotation.

Round Outdoor Travel Pill Case Citrus Theme

Looks like a mini drawer for your organized day to day pills. This is perfect for those who love organization at the truest essence of it. The individual drawers are color coded and has the respective days printed on them. The design is specially made for those who are always in front of their computer or people with desks in the office. It looks like a Jenga tower when standing upright.

Jenga Style Colorful Pill Box Drawer


This pill reminder is a digital one that reminds you of the pills you need to take on a particular time of the day. This is not a 7 day pill organizer like the ones above. This one is perfect for those who has medications to take on a 24 hour rotation.The design of the pill box is both great for portability and keepsake. It has digital displays and functionalities for setting up medicine reminders throughout the day.

Intelligent Pillbox (Digital)

Of course, there are times that a pill box isn’t enough. This one is box for everything and not just a pill organiser. A perfect one for those who need a first aid organiser at home or even in cars for people who are always on the go as well. Keeping everything in one nifty box, your alcohol rub, cotton balls, ointments, sutures, gauzes, thermometer and many more at one swift carry on is a good one to have.

Full Medicine Box Organizer

Ever remember those times when you need a knife to split a medicine? And the medicine goes all over the place with the other half is close as to no value because it crushed to powder form? This pill box and organiser has its own splitter where the medicine is placed accurately and is covered properly to refrain from crushing into pieces and being contaminated. You save money on your pills and you have a handy pill dispenser in one.

PillBox with Splitter


Tired of those pill containers cluttered in your bag and you only need 1 or 2 a day? Are you the most forgetful person on earth that needs some sort of electronic pill dispenser that reminds you every time? Well there is a pill box for you. A combined function of a traditional pill organizer, this one has a digital display and time setter to remind you of your pills to take in a day.

7 days pillbox with Timer